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Author • Inspirational Speaker • Life Coach
Karen Zizzo - Author, Inspirational Speaker,  Life Coach

Karen Zizzo - Author, Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach

Welcome to my “Ask and You Shall Receive™” site. My passion is to inspire individuals to cope with and face the challenges in their lives. I hope to reach and inspire many lives through my:

  • Books, guidebooks and audio CDs
  • Inspirational keynote presentations, workshops and retreats
  • Life Coaching guidance for those who desire to learn more about how they can incorporate relaxation techniques and stress reducing practices into their daily lives to deal with life’s challenges and obstacles.

Through sharing the story of the miracle that occurred in my son’s life, I feel compelled and driven to deliver messages of hope. I yearn for others to ask for help, pray for help, believe that they will receive what they need when they need it, and have an unwavering conviction that there will be a positive outcome or miracle occur in their lives or in the lives of others they are helping to face life’s obstacles and challenges.

My life has been full of challenges and as I share these as an author and speaker, it is my hope, that others will find their own special spiritual journey, and be inspired to embrace a passion for sharing and caring in both their personal and professional life.

With over 25 years experience in the areas of college teaching, business ownership, corporate training, and e-commerce business development, including 10 years of business coaching, I continue to seek ways to share the knowledge gleaned from my experiences through the writing of more books and guidebooks in the “Ask and You Shall Receive™” series. I will continue to develop presentations and workshops to help others realize their full potential. I will continue to spread hope wherever my life path takes me in the future, helping people to cope with life’s challenges and obstacles.

I welcome your feedback on my books, guidebooks, audio tapes, and from any of my keynote presentations, retreats and workshops, as it is my desire to help you lead a life full of inspiration, motivation, love and abundance.


Karen Zizzo

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