Statement of Faith


What is a “Statement of Faith?” I am often asked about what I believe in from a religious standpoint. I like to think of the “Statement of Faith” as being comprised of important core human values the individual believes in and practices on a daily basis.

I believe there is a new “shift in ethics” in our society to higher values and a return to the “do unto others values” of Christianity, Judaism, Islam and other faiths. We all have our own interpretation of our origin and history of the world, however what is most important is how we individually and ethically conduct our daily lives. Can you go to sleep at night knowing that you treated everyone you interacted with in an honest and fair manner? Do you feel good about what you have done to try to help better lives of those less fortunate?

I believe that God is using me as a source to share messages of inspiration and HOPE. Through authoring books, delivering presentations and guiding individuals, my mission is to encourage people to never give up HOPE and to never allow anyone else to take your HOPE away.

I experienced a “miracle” in my personal life and I strongly believe that it was due to the power of prayer and my unwavering faith that my son lived despite all of the negativity surrounding me at that time.

What I love about sharing my “miracle” story and the 7 Life Lessons I learned from this experience is that I receive feedback from many people telling me that it was what they needed to get going with writing or speaking about their own story. Stories are the ultimate communication tool, and become memories stored by the soul.

Every one of us is unique, is special and has many gifts to share with others while on earth. Be in joy, peace, love and harmony. Today is divine, magnificent and inspired. Fill up your spiritual toolbox and look for ways every day where you can use words, experiences, etc. from that toolbox to help lift the spirits of a person you meet.

Love is the most important energy of all – practice giving and receiving love every day no matter what your religion, ethnic background or belief system. Think, act and speak love and watch what happens. Watch the barriers fall away and peace enter the world and your soul.