Seminars & Retreats

All of Karen’s keynote presentations can be modified to suit a workshop or retreat setting. The presentation length can be reduced or increased to meet the criteria of a specific event. The content of the presentation can be customized to match a theme or track.

Karen has written Spiritual Guidebooks for the books that she has written which are ideal tools to use in a retreat setting or interactive workshop.

Current Spiritual Guidebooks:

  1. Ask and You Shall Receive™ – A Miracle for Steven
  2. Ask and You Shall Receive™ – Spiritual Strategies for Success in Work & Life

Karen is also available for conference calls to answer questions about the style of her presentations.


Joyce Hansen, Publicist for Karen Zizzo, would be pleased to communicate with you to arrange a media appearance and/or book a date and time for Karen to deliver a presentation to your group.  Joyce can be contacted at (905) 278-0952 or