Video Clips

Tell your story and encourage others to share what they have learned in life to help and uplift others. Through the power of prayer, miracles can happen.
[youtube 6N8sE2K0c5Y]

The following video is an interview of Karen Zizzo on the Salt + Light Television ( program Catholic Focus, with host David Naglieri.

The following videos are clips from a speaking presentation based on Karen’s first book “A Miracle for Steven”

[youtube YwTGRXlKFgE]

[youtube nkY_nXk6qV4]

[youtube pjAU1Y9yHN0]

[youtube dvnpmlQGR4c]

[youtube kn9d-qVXGhw]

[youtube qOIMPr4epPU]

[youtube UFFcR1UJoBg]

Karen at the CWL Toronto Archdiocean convention – May 2010.