Motivated Magazine 2011:



By Karen Zizzo

What is prayer and why is it so important? Prayer can mean many things to many people. For some, it is a form of meditation, a quiet time with the Divine. For others, it is conversing with God out loud, like having a regular conversation with a dear friend. Still others want to pray, but do not know how, or do not know how to get started.

I believe prayer is a powerful and intimate time with our Divine Creator (whether you pray to God, Jesus or Spirit or some other power higher than yourself)….when we share our thoughts, desires, challenges, sorrows or anything at all that we want to share with God.

Gratitude for everything we have is a great way to start our prayers, because I believe we need to thank God first for all the wonderful gifts, abilities, family members, as an example, that we do have, before we start asking Him for more. We will certainly be given what we ask for, but only if it is good for us as determined by divine wisdom. He sees our whole life picture. How can we expect more unless we are grateful for what we already have and truly appreciate everything as it is evolving in our life.

The Lord is our silent senior partner in life and He loves it when we talk life challenges out with Him and ask for His advice, His guidance, His hand. He also loves to hear from us in the good times as well as the challenging times. We are His children and He wants to be kept informed and asked for guidance along the way….(not unlike our earthly parents).

“The power of prayer”….these words might sound very familiar, but sometimes we forget what they mean and often only default to prayer when we are at the wall and there is no other alternative. Yet, prayer is a powerful tool for communicating with the Giver of all things good. Prayer helps us find strength for today and hope for the future. Prayer is not to be taken lightly…it is a very powerful way to tap into the energy of the Divine. Prayer changes you and your life.

Today, instead of trying to figure everything out for yourself and trying to control all parts of your life, try turning them over to God in prayer. Surrender or give up the tight controls and let Him lead the way. Instead of worrying about your next decision, ask God to lead the way. Let go and let God. Don’t limit your prayers or your family’s prayers to meals or to bedtime. Talk to Him all day long, asking for guidance with everything. If you listen for the answers in your heart, you will find that the way becomes easier. You may still have challenges and unexpected things happen, but you won’t be journeying along the road by yourself…..He will be there to help you every step of the way, if we just let Him.

The poem by Helen Steiner Rice beautifully illustrates this thought:

“When you are troubled and worried and sick at heart

And your plans are upset and your world falls apart

Remember God’s ready and waiting to share

The burden you find much too heavy to bear

So with faith, let go and let God, lead the way

Into a brighter and less troubled day.”

I have always believed that God is the God of the impossible and that He actually hears our prayers. Our prayers may not be answered in the way we would like, but God still hears them. The lesson for us all is that we do not need to be alone. God is always with us and we can talk to Him and ask for His Love and guidance.

I truly believe that it does not matter what your religious belief system may be. It does not matter if you are part of an organized religion or not. There is a spiritual reality that transcends the physical. When we believe in something greater than ourselves, a power or an energy, it can be tapped into for strength, comfort, and support. It is a power that can soothe the soul, lift the spirits, and grace us with peace of mind. It is the same energy that nurtures the entire earth. Prayer can open the door to allow this healing power in. For me, that power is God.

Let me share the prayer that my husband and I said on that first night, some 20 years ago, when we had been told by physicians that our 7 year old son had only three months to live.

“Thank you for the gift of our son and for the seven years we have been privileged to have had him. Dear God, please heal our son. Save his life. If he is not to live, please Lord, stay with us and hold our hands. Be with us and guide us, and show us what this is all about. We will not blame nor forsake you. We need You and we ask for You to be with us constantly. We will find some good in this. And that is a hard thing to do. But it is the right thing to do. Above all, Thy will be done”. Amen.

Pray constantly about things great and small. God is listening and He wants to hear from you now.