Why Pray

Even the desire to pray is a clear sign of God’s presence, for without Him, we could not desire Him.

Prayer is an encounter with a personal God.

Many people want to know more about prayer.  What is it? How do you or others pray?  Prayer is a road or walkway to a new spiritual territory, open to all who want to travel there.

Why is it relevant to us? What techniques (what does one need to do) to ready oneself or one’s soul to encounter or communicate with the divine?  How does one unlock the power of prayer?

Let’s rid ourselves of the stodgy assumption about a spiritual life that is nourished by the rote practice of prayer.  It really is talking with or communicating with God as a personal friend, confidant or senior partner. He loves us and wants this personal association with Him often, not just when we are in trouble or crisis and in dire need of Him.

Many of us want a more enriching and meaningful prayer experience, but how?  Many of us would like to mature in prayer for a richer prayer life.  How do we do that?

One of those ways is by asking God for discernment, which is the art of discovering prayer through God’s will for us.  What is His divine plan for us?  What is the bigger Divine picture?

We are co-creators with Him.  The more we ask and listen to God for direction, the more we will be guided and led down the most gratifying and peaceful road that we may not have found at all by ourselves.  In His presence is where we will find our greatest blessings.