Keynote Presentations

Karen Zizzo’s presentations are based on her true life experiences and can be customized to suit the needs of any type of audience.

Karen has written Guidebooks to accompany her books which are ideal reference tools to work with after the presentation to enhance the personal and professional lives of participants.

The most requested keynote presentations are:

The Power of Silence

Karen will share how the power of prayer can help people overcome the challenges of a transitioning world.
You will learn how to define success through mission, vision and gratitude and discover answers to obstacles through silence, prayer and meditation.
This presentation is ideal for those needing reflection, refreshment and renewal and those seeking wisdom and tools to overcome challenges.
By attending, you will leave the presentation equipped with various spiritual strategies; achieve a sense of peace and clarity of purpose; reclaim your strength and courage; be motivated to fully embrace hope and faith; understand the importance of “paying forward”.

Spiritual Success Strategies For Business

For those seeking strength, encouragement, hope and mentorship, this presentation will leave audience members with a renewed sense of faith in themselves and their abilities. Participants will discover techniques to improve their relationships with their co-workers and employers. They will be motivated to seek ways to increase “win-win” solutions and incorporate integrity principles into the workplace.

Ask, Believe & Receive

For those who may not be asking for what they need, and who may not know how to ask or feel good about it. This presentation is also ideal for those wanting to overcome the fear of success and/or fear of failure. Audience members will be provided with tools to help them ask for the support they need and to feel good about receiving help in a variety of ways from others. Participants will discover that they can reach their goals using their power of belief, positive attitude and focusing their efforts on a successful outcome.

The Power of Believing

Everyone has trials and tribulations, illnesses and accidents. Karen shares her true experiences of the challenges and obstacles she has faced. Her experiences are a great reminder that challenges need not be faced alone…”Ask and You Shall Receive ™” the help needed. Participants will learn tools to better understand their purpose in life through prayer, meditation and intuition. She will also provide tools with regard to the importance of belief and the unwavering faith that everything will unfold as it is meant to.

Coping with Challenges – Develop a Battle Plan

Karen shares a miraculous personal story with lessons and reflections learned along the way, lessons that can help one to face emotional and physical challenges. This presentation will help audience members to realize that they have an incredible strength within themselves and that they can overcome the odds that may overwhelm them.

Spiritual Success Strategies for Life

Karen will share the 7 Life Lessons she learned through a personal family challenge and will leave audience members with tips for leading a successful and fulfilled life. Participants will learn first-hand how to apply the 7 Life Lessons into their own lives to overcome challenges they may currently be facing or may need to face in the future. This presentation is ideal for those who are ready to identify and realize their true potential and are ready to embark on a spiritual journey to achieve their life goals.

7 Success Principles

Karen shares the lessons and reflections she has learned through her personal and professional journey to inspire audiences to face emotional and physical challenges with faith, hope and trust. She shares tips on how to pray and demonstrates how miracles can happen through the power of prayer. Participants will leave the presentation understanding that there truly is a higher source guiding our lives and why it is so important to tap into that Source every day.

A Miracle for Steven

Karen shares the story of how her family coped when her seven year old son was diagnosed with a terminal illness. She weaves into her story the lessons she learned along the way and how everyone can apply the lessons to their own lives to cope with life’s obstacles and challenges. Participants will learn the importance of asking for help, be inspired to believe that help will be on its way, and trust that through prayer and hope, miracles may occur.

Relax Into Victory

For those who have a desire to incorporate positive change into their lives or have a strong desire to change or conquer a habit, this presentation will provide the insight into how to create positive goals to change a pattern of unwanted thoughts. Audience members will enjoy this relaxing, beneficial, fun and life-changing presentation because they will be writing a personal script to positively change their own future to one full of victory.


Joyce Hansen, Publicist for Karen Zizzo, would be pleased to communicate with you to arrange a media appearance and/or book a date and time for Karen to deliver a presentation to your group.  Joyce can be contacted at (905) 278-0952 or