Ask and You Shall Receive - A Miracle for Steven

Ask and You Shall Receive - A Miracle for Steven

by Karen Zizzo, Softcover

At the age of seven, Steven, a happy, strong, and athletic boy, was given three months to live. This is the personal story of the Zizzo family. It is a story of Faith, Hope, Love, and The Power of Prayer.

This story is told exactly as the events unfolded—recalled from every raw emotional moment burned to memory. From the time the nightmare began, the family asked, very publicly, for prayer. They were soon encircled with the love and support of the ripple effect of thousands of prayers.

The events of this story are incredible. For some, they are unbelievable, for others, inexplicable. For many, it's nothing short of a Miracle.

The Zizzo family feel it their responsibility to share their story of divine intervention so that others might renew their faith in the power of prayer and regain hope.

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