Personal Coaching with Karen Zizzo

Personal Coaching with Karen Zizzo

Would it be helpful to have a guide to:

• Gently encourage you
• Instill you with HOPE
• Nudge you to restore and increase your faith
• Help you to fulfill your life mission
• Identify your God-given talents
• Propel you to professional and personal fulfillment

Karen has over 25 years experience in the areas of college teaching, business ownership, corporate training and e-corporate business development, including ten years of business coaching. Karen holds a Master of Arts degree in Sociology. She uses her faith-based leadership and organizational skills to guide her clients to higher levels of success in their personal and professional lives. Karen’s gentle and encouraging coaching style makes her clients feel at ease and comfortable with sharing their victories and challenges.

Delivery: One-on-One Coaching Calls
Length: 5 Weeks
When: Personally Arranged with Karen

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