Whether you are new to the power of prayer, or have prayed most of your life, an enhanced way to talk to God and listen to his answers is through group prayer.

Some people just pray when they find themselves in a health crisis, or are enduring a time in their life often called the “dark knight of the soul”.  These times are like bad nightmares that won’t go away, filling you with fear.

A crisis has seeped itself into Christopher Hitchens’ life (the atheist author diagnosed with cancer in June 2010) who agrees that he has taunted God most of his life.  As mentioned in the National Post August 5, 2010 article – “Ailing Hitchens enters ‘the land of malady’” by Araminta Wordsworth, Christopher is actually admitting being open to having people pray for him.

Whether you choose to form a prayer group through Facebook, other internet social groups, through your church, family, or friends, the results are powerful.  In my book – “Ask and You Shall Receive – A Miracle for Steven” I have named a chapter – “Awakening to the Power of Prayer”.  In this chapter I talk about the prayer chain we developed with family members when we learned that our 7 year old son was diagnosed with cancer.

We hung on to our “never give up hope” attitude and extended our prayer chain to everyone we knew asking them to pass on the message to others to pray for a healing miracle.  Groups formed on our behalf and we even had an elderly nun pray non-stop for hours.  A miracle did happen which we largely attribute to the power of prayer.  Steven won the battle with cancer!

If you are seeking support for a life challenge you are faced with, try tapping into resources that hold prayer groups and determine which ones fit with your spiritual values and which ones have members that you feel will support you.

Pray as if you know that your prayer has already been faithfully answered, however that answer may come, rather than feeling powerless and doing nothing. We are always encouraged and empowered to take part in the healing of our lives and relationships, as well as our body and our world.

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