Taking a leap of faith is to take a risk. You may not be able to see clearly how everything you are currently experiencing is fitting into the puzzle of your life. We are all here for a purpose and we need to make our desires and dreams known to God and have faith that steps will be revealed to us to take as we need to take them.

All God asks of us is to summon the courage to take those steps, without second guessing ourselves and follow through with conviction and integrity, developing a “never give up” attitude. He will always be by our side coaching us along the way.

If you were to reflect on what is going on in your life, are there baby steps that you could be taking to move you forward right now? Are you afraid to take the next step? We need to share our fears with others, because only then can we identify where that fear is coming from and learn what action to take to replace the fear with faith.

What leap of faith do you need to take? I want to hear your stories because I always learn something from others experiences. I will share stories with you about how I needed to take a leap of faith many times in my life and what happened when I braved facing the consequences. Together, we will grow in faith and trust. Let us share our stories….

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