Sometimes we need a nudge of encouragement to move forward but are afraid to ask for help.  I encourage you to take a risk and ask for what you need.  The worst thing that can happen is that the person says “no” and that is unlikely to occur.

We all admire people from different walks-of-life.  I select people that I want to learn from and whom I feel would be willing to spend time with me to help me move forward.

I have developed an “ask and you shall receive” principle.  It provides me with confidence that I will receive assistance in some form.  It may not arrive in the way that I think it will, but at least in a form that will motivate me to take action.

A mentor is not necessarily in human form.  As Neale Donald Walsh says “Do you every feel the following:  On some days I feel so terribly alone.  At some moments I feel that I am fighting this battle by myself.  That’s because you have left Me, my child.  You have abandoned your awareness of Me.  Yet where there is awareness of Me, you can never be alone.”

God is always with you – you are never alone – ask for His help and listen for the wisdom that comes to you in visions, dreams and even in words you hear repeated three or more times.

I would enjoy hearing about your mentor experiences.  How did you meet your mentors and how did they help you?  Have you been a mentor to someone else?  How were you instrumental in another person’s life?

Can you imagine what our world would be like if more people reached out to others to offer them their support and guidance.  Oh, what a wonderful world it would be!

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